CampOtea offers you self-guided tours with multimedia content without needing an internet connection since it uses the GPS feature on your mobile device.

With CampOtea you will be able to install, free of charge, all of the available routes and make use of them: they will guide you, position you on the path and alert you when you have gone off track.

If you purchase the full version, you will also learn about the places you will see on the path via multimedia content that are automatically activated at certain points of interest along the route. If your screen is shut off, don´t worry, CampOtea will alert you when you reach an area with information.

It also allows you to take a virtual tour using the "autoplay" tool. If you would like to activate the corresponding multimedia file manually at a certain point of interest, you just have to click on it.

The multimedia files contain optional subtitles and have been translated into several languages.

Once you have purchased the route, you can uninstall it and reinstall it on the same device as many times as you want.

CampOtea is like walking alongside a highly qualified nature guide, that not only indicates the right path and geolocates the user permanently on the map, but also informs in detail about the surroundings in an simple and direct way, using and taking advantage of the different landscape elements that you encounter along the way.


Who is Manuel Coca?

If you would like me personally to accompany you, please send me an email (see below) indicating the place of interest where you would like the route, and the number of people in the group. I will prepare a personalised itinerary for you.

I hold both an undergraduate degree and a PhD in biology from the University of Seville (Spain).

My professional career has developed along two complementary lines.

  • - In land ecosystem research and management, and because of this, I have become a professional who is concerned with the preservation of the rich natural heritage around us.
  • - In professional training and sharing of the knowledge I have acquired throughout my career:
    • * university level and non-university level instruction,
    • * publication of books and articles in different scientific and popular science journals,
    • * leading of diverse courses and workshops at scientific and popular conferences,
    • * participation as a nature guide in protected natural environments among other places...

I have always believed that in order to preserve, it is necessary to raise awareness and in order for this transmission of knowledge to be effective, it is essential for the language to be adapted to the audience it is geared towards, without there being a loss of information.

Under this premise, I have developed the self-guided routes that I offer to you. They are an innovative tool for learning about the natural environment you are visiting. I´ll go with you, through your mobile device, as a highly qualified nature guide.

To learn more about me or to contact me, visit my profile on Linkedin
or email me at